The Unique Lee

Hey, I'm Lee, and this is my carrd. Use it to navigate the many facets of my work or to follow me on any social media to keep up to date with what I'm doing.

Hey, I'm Lee, a half-black queer goth maybe vampire fulltime freelancer. I focus on slice-of-life and romance-driven stories with multiracial queer (sometimes goth) characters living their best lives in a fantasy or urban fantasy setting. I regularly branch out into other genres when I get the need.


Feel free to contact me in Twitter, Mastodon, Instagram or any other site's DMs but I prefer professional inquiries to go through email

You can see my art showcased on my Twitter, Instagram, Mastodon, Tumblr, deviantArt or Pillowfort

My public writing can currently be found on Tumblr, Pillowfort, and AO3. I also post updates and links to pieces on my tumblr, twitter, pillowfort and occasionally my Ko-fi update feed.


My regular writing commissions are currently closed but if you would like to commission an update of a current ongoing story or would like to leave a request or prompt with a donation you can do so over on my ko-fi.

The fandoms I’m familiar with are listed below but of course I’m open to other fandoms as well so if you’re wondering just ask.

One-Punch ManHarry PotterVoltron
Don't StarveSpideypool (some MCU)Yu Yu Hakusho
DC Animated/ DC ComicsWhere in the world is Carmen SandiegoShe-ra and the princesses of Power

Will Not Write:

Loli/ Shota/ PedoInfantilismEmetophilia
Character BashingMajor Charater DeathNonCon/ Rape

You can now support me monthly on either Ko-fi or

Ko-fi's monthly support is only the Tip Jar tier but Ko-fi has more rewards then's Tier

One Time Donations:


You can buy adopts from my Ko-fi Shop or my

Commission Information:
Art Commissions = CLOSED
Writing Commissions = CLOSED
Writing Requests = OPEN
Writing Updates = OPEN

Commission - You, the customer, have full creative control over the piece
Requests - I, the artist, have full creative control. I can reinterpret the prompt or only use certain parts of it. Unless stated otherwise, there is no guarantee on when requests will be fulfilled.
Updates - You, the customer, are buying the next update/chapter of a story and have no creative control.
The chapter you pay for will go into my work queue and be focused on accordingly.
Updates are priced @ $25

If you would like to make a request or buy an update head over to my or Ko-fi
Higher donations give a higher chance of being fulfilled faster.

Currently N/A as I remake my TOS

You can commission me for original or fanfiction on my page or through email
I offer a flat rate of $10 per 1000 words. If you'd like a word count to be say 2500 words it will be rounded up to the next tier

-1000 words = $10
-2000 words = $20
-2500 words = $30
-3000 words = $30

Max word count is 10,000 = $100 unless otherwise discussed

Here is a portfolio with some of my best works. It is organized using dividers separating the pieces into landscape orientation, portrait orientation, and then small canvas/ online icon size.


I stream on Twitch Thursday - Sunday. Sunday and Monday are dedicated gaming days while Thurs-Sat are creative days, Meaning art or writing

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  • Swim On Zines 4-6 - Artist -Gumroad

  • In Every World - A Spideypool Zine - Writer - Gumroad